Playwrite Foundation is the flag bearer for encouraging girls to participate in sports.

Towards this goal, a large proportion of our speakers have been women from sports that are as diverse as rugby, mountaineering, frisbeee, rallying and basketball, to name a few. Their stories of struggle, success and never die spirit are inspirational. We are of the strong belief that it is these stories, when shared with an audience of children, especially girls, will help us find the next Olympic medallist or FIFA footballer of the year winner.

Who knows what words shared by our speakers would motivate a young pair of hands (or legs) to wield a hockey, a tennis racquet, a football or try at their hand at skiing or rock climbing!

To this endeavour, PlayWrite Foundation will keep sharing stories of greatness, of bumps and bounces, of ascendancy and fall and rising up again so that we can get our children back in the parks and beaches and fields and play their hearts out.

To help draw attention to promote the girl child to play more sports, PWF has launched pink tennis balls. For this initiative of ours, Cosco manufactured and sponsored special pink tennis balls that we give to all our speakers.

We are pretty upbeat that one day India will produce a Grand Slam winner who would have played with these Pink Tennis balls.

Till then, and thereafter, we will keep serving.